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category management

Changing business needs, compliance gaps and below-par supplier performance can all erode identified savings.  Proactive management of these is integral to ensure that suppliers and contracts deliver meaningful savings and value.  Abstract can help organise the resources of procurement teams to allow them to focus their time and conduct in depth market analysis on their organisations supply market in order to fully leverage procurement decisions on behalf of the whole organisation.

Abstracts approach to category management consulting which provides you, the client, with:
Real-time market intelligence on suppliers and commodities
Real-time market intelligence on suppliers and commodities
Precise category planning, encompassing forecasting and budgeting
Supplier performance tracking
Improved compliance
Proactive contract reviews and renewals
Decreased off-contract purchasing and greater spend under management
Live savings measurement and tracking – identified vs. realised
Constant annual cost reductions

contract management process

It is estimated that up to 75% of the savings achieved by sourcing exercises are lost within the first 18 months in the absence of robust contract management arrangements, while off contract spend goes unchallenged.  It also leaves organisations open to risks of service delivery failure and fails to generate the additional value that comes from strong supplier relationships.

The Abstract team can provide contract management services in the following ways:
reviewing existing arrangement and developing best practice processes;
assessing contracts and identifying opportunities for cost savings;
through supplier engagement programmes and developing performance monitoring arrangements; and
through reviewing eProcurement technology ensuring that it meets Client requirements.

Moving from an invitation to tender to a signed contract requires a special skill. If not managed effectively, the process can drag on for months. The longer it takes to finalise the contract, the longer it will take your company to realise that contract's value and benefits.

Abstract’s contracting support team will help compress the time from invitation to tender agreement in principle to a signed contract on the best positive terms to reduce contract risk and commercial. Our specialists will support the preparation, issuing of invitations to tender, management of the tender phase, execution of supply agreements, master agreements, statements of work and Non-Disclosure Agreements by working directly with your procurement and legal teams, freeing up your category managers to address more cost effective spend and driving greater savings in the process.

In addition to providing contracting support, we can maintain your ' contract repository, allowing us to track renewals and rebates, and managing contract compliance and reporting.

inventory management

Effective inventory management is all about knowing what you have, where it’s stocked, how much you need, supplier risk, market volatility.  Easier said than done!

Our comprehensive inventory management services include:
Inventory Planning
Replenishment Services
Material optimisation (daily, weekly, monthly)
Maintenance, Repair and Operating Inventory Planning
Inventory Cost Accounting


Long purchase cycles, delayed payments and poor cash flow visibility are all tell-tale signs of sluggish procure-to-pay (P2P) processes that need an immediate overhaul.

With streamlined procure-to-pay processes, procurement organizations can not only reduce paperwork and cut down cycle times, but also increase spend under management, boost compliance, reduce maverick spend and improve the overall purchasing experience — all this while delivering greater time and cost savings.

Our procure-to-pay services assist Clients deliver breakthrough improvements in year-on-year savings, empower procurement teams to do more with their time, and drastically improve return on operating costs, by driving greater efficiency across all P2P processes, from the point of order to the point of fulfilment and payment.


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